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Dance the Fire. Dream the Spiral. Sing the Stars

Be the One ..

"The Spiral?"
"Circles within circles, having no beginning or end. The Spiral is the world. Predators eat the animals that eat the plants. Men eat the animals as well as the plants. When men and predators die, their bodies return to the earth. Could the plants grow if the bodies of the dead didn't nourish the earth? Where does it begin? Where does it end? The Spiral represents all that is - and is not. When does the soul begin? When does it end? Power runs through the Spiral. First Man Dances in the Spiral. The Wolf Bundle Sings in the Spiral. The Spiral is the One ... The Spiral is part of the world - and it isn't. Think of it like the reflection in a pool of water. Is the reflection part of the water? Or part of the light? ... All that you are is illusion ... and isn't."

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